Oceanic Pro Plus X Console With QD Hose

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Don't waste time trying to read your dive computer. The Oceanic Pro plus x console delivers the most legible digits of any dive computer on the market. Its bright and easy-to-read display adapts well to sunlight or night diving conditions. The screen has a color-coded Interface, high-resolution and bar graphs for you to quickly read your information. Choose the best method of decompression for your diving needs and conditions thanks to the dual algorithm system. Go as deep as 330 feet and decompress between 10 to 60 feet. Other features include a push button oceanglow backlight, a smartglow backlight sensor and an audible alarm. Explore more with the Oceanic Pro plus x console with qd hose.


The PROPLUS X is the first dive computer engineered to take full advantage of Bluetooth 4.0 technology. Together with the DiverLog for iOS App, wirelessly interacting with your dive computer immediately before and after your dive with a smart phone or tablet is now possible. Remotely control all your dive computer settings, view Log and Profile data, add location, notes and other details - from anywhere. No need to physically connect your dive computer to a computer device ever again.

Learn more at ediverlog.com today and find out how you can take full advantage of your dive data - anywhere.


We believe that a dive computer's job is to deliver crucial data quickly & without confusion. The large, easy-to-read screen has an intuitive color coded interface, high resolution bar graphs, and the largest, most legible, digits of any dive computer on the market.

The ProPlus X also has an amazingly bright, low energy consumption, Thin-Film Transistor (TFT) display. Divers will have no problem seeing dive data in bright sun lit surface conditions or at 130 feet down


The ProPlus X takes full advantage of it's 4 buttons and the new TFT display to create an intuitive and dynamic user-friendly interface. Managing your settings on the fly and interfacing with the unit during a dive has never been easier


The ProPlus X is equipped with an advanced 3D digital compass that can be accessed during a dive with only one button push. With three modes (North, Reference, and Reverse Reference) you'll never need to guess about your heading ever again.


Done with your dive for the day but you don't want to leave your computer on deck with the rest of your gear? No problem, the ProPlus X comes standard with a quick disconnect and twisting locking ring for extra security.