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Atomic TFX Sealed Regulator

Atomic TFX Sealed Regulator




Atomic TFX Regulator Sealed

The Atomic TFX Regulator is designed to meet your needs and help you excel in your underwater adventures. It ensures effortless breathing by maintaining consistent breathing effort regardless of your head position. Performance and reliability are prioritized in this regulator, as it serves as the foundation of your underwater life support system. The DIN attachment is preferred by you as it suits your requirements better for securing the regulator to your tank. The flexible silicone tubing at the core of the regulator provides strength and reliability, ensuring that your air delivery system can withstand the demands you will put it through. Moving to the second stage of the regulator, you appreciate the soft and flexible purge feature. You also have control over the Venturi nozzle, allowing you to adjust it according to your preference. The Titanium Front Exhaust (TFX) is ingeniously placed at the front of the second stage, impressing you with its engineering. The exhaust deflectors not only enhance of the appearance regulator but also effectively keep the bubbles generated during your dives out of your field of view. With titanium components incorporated into the second stage, this regulator boasts corrosion resistance, making it a durable and reliable choice for repeated dives. Overall, the Atomic TFX Regulator offers superior performance and reliability, ensuring that you can dive with confidence and achieve your goals underwater.

Product Features

  • All-Titanium First and Second Stage metal components
  • Seat Saving Dynamic Orifice
  • Low-friction cap at the cam surface
  • Venturi Nozzle gear-driven tuning switch
  • Variable Lift Cam
  • New 4X Yoke connection first stage – one turn secures it to the tank
  • Comfort Swivel Hose now with less friction and smoother movement
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