Akona 3mm Seco-Self Draining Boot

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Akona 3mm Seco-Self Draining Boot
  • Unique Rubber Sole allows all excess water to drain through the sole and out the edges of the boot. No need to remove your boot and discharge water.
  • 3MM NEOPRENE. For use in Moderate and Warmer Waters. 70 Degrees or Warmer.
  • PROTECTIVE TOE AND HEEL. Vulcanized Rubber on toe and heel increase durability, minimize fin slippage, and protect toes from injury.
  • Glued and Blind Stitched Seams for superior warmth and water seal design
  • The 3mm SECO boot is made by AKONA, an American Sporting Goods Brand, specializing in Watersports since 1992