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Aqua Lung Airsource w/ QD - Complete

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The Aqualung Airsource 3 Scuba Octopus/Inflator with Quick Disconnect features a pneumatically balanced second stage, a specialized cut-off valve, and a low-profile rapid exhaust valve. The Aqualung Airsource 3 Scuba Octopus/Inflator with Quick Disconnect is a great way to streamline your dive gear. The Airsource 3 Dive Octopus/Inflator also features a soft-touch purge cover, which is located on the bottom to prevent accidental activation during strong currents. The ergonomic design optimizes button placement for ease of use. Additionally, this high quality octo-inflator is easy to service as well. 

Aqua Lung Airsource 3 Octo Features:

  • Quick Disconnect
  • Pneumatically balanced second stage valve
  • Redesigned trim grip
  • Specialized cut-off valve
  • Low-profile rapid-exhaust valve