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Ocean Reef Snorkel Talkie and Aria Classic

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This Combo has the Aria Classic paired with the Ocean Reef Snorkel Talkie. Talk Snorkeler to Snorkeler with 2 or more units on the same frequency. Choose your size and style based on the picture size chart.  This package is commonly bought in pairs of sizes and colors so two snorkelers can talk. (Add the surface unit Walki Talkie to talk to your friends on the beach)
  • The Snorkie-Talkie Radio is an in water communication device that will let you talk to one another while snorkeling with your full face mask. Connecting quickly and easily to your Aria mask the snorkie talkie consists of a speaker that sits over one of your ears connected to a transmitter receiver on the end of the snorkel that acts like an antenna.
  • With a max range of around 275m you can communicate with anyone else on the same frequency in the water, boat or on the beach. Waterproof to 3m you don't have to worry about getting them wet just don't dive down too deep.
  • The Snorkie Talkie has a rechargeable battery with a 1,200-hour stand-by battery life, is easy to recharge with the included USB cable and can be fully charged in 4-hours with 8-hours of use per charge. Aria Snorkel Mask: Breathe through your nose while snorkeling. Good bye jaw discomfort. Good bye difficult breathing and goodbye water in your snorkel. For good. Huge field of vision and no more fogging. Aria also is the only full face snorkeling mask that offers a wide range of accessories
You got the Ocean Reef Aria Full Face Mask and wish you and your snorkeling buddy could communicate better while in the water. Screaming inside the Aria mask never seems to get your buddies attention when you see that fantastic fish, turtle or maybe even a manta ray, not to mention most times screaming scares the critter away. Have a civil conversation and save your voice for karaoke back at the resort with the Ocean Reef Snorkie Talkie for the Aria Full Face Mask. Ocean Reef introduces the first ever radio communication system for snorkelers. Simple to use, it allows you to communicate while snorkeling with other snorkelers and people on boat and land! A unique, patented technology, exclusively available for Ocean Reef made full face snorkeling masks.