Backscatter Flip7 Single Filter Kit with Dive Filter

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Top Product Features:
  • Ideal filter for your GoPro Hero3 / Hero3+ / Hero4 / Hero5 / Hero6 AND Hero7 for blue water dives. Optimal results between 20 - 50 Feet (6 - 15m)
  • Rugged design, aircraft grade anodized aluminum construction.
  • Snap lock filters with just one finger - as soon as you go deep enough, simply flip the filter on and start shooting!
  • Optional shallow and deep filters available.
Main Specs:
  • Part Type: Color Correction Filter

The FLIP7 system for GoPro is the most advanced and rugged filter kit available for GoPro in the market.

It was designed by hardcore GoPro users and has gone through hundreds of hours of testing and optimizing, to deliver a top quality product, which can take a beating and survive the abuse of the ocean and travel.

BS-FF-1KIT7 - Backscatter - FLIP7 Single Filter Kit with Dive Filter

  • 1x Single Flip Frame
  • 1x Dive Filter (20-50 ft)
  • 1x Neoprene Wallet
  • 1x Lens Removal Tool (for HERO5 & HERO6)
  • 1x Port Adapter for GoPro Super Suit (for HERO5 & HERO6)
  • 1x Port Adapter for GoPro Stock Housing (for HERO3
  • HERO3+ & HERO4)
  • Allen Wrenches for Installation