Big Blue 1000 Lumen Head Lamp

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New in 2016, this head-mounted light boasts 1,000 lumens of power. It's mounted on an adjustable head-strap which fits most head sizes, and is powered by a rechargeable 18650 Li-ion battery.
Light Source:
2x XML LED + 2x XPE Red LED
Light Output:
  • 100 Lm (level I)
  • 250 Lm (level II)
  • 500 Lm (level III)
  • 1000 Lm (level IV)

Casing Material:
Aluminum alloy light head; polycarbonate body
Power Source:
Li-ion rechargeable battery pack 18650
Angle Of Light Beam:
120 degree wide beam
Color Temperature:
Burn Time:
  • 2 hrs (level IV),
  • 4 hrs(level III)
  • 8 hrs(level II) 
  • 20 hrs (level I)

Maximum Depth:  100 m tested
Size:  Body Dia: 36.8mm; L: 84.4mm - Light head Dia: 38.8mm
Weight:  207g (including battery)
Bouyancy:  -76g (including battery)
Switching System:  Push-button with battery indicator
Front Glass:  Tempered optical glass
Sku:  HL1000XW