Trident Storm Whistle

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The Storm Safety Whistle is not great just for divers but for anyone who needs to be heard in an emergency.

Features of the Storm Whistle include:

  • Can be heard underwater up to 50ft
  • Unique patented design allows it to be heard even under water
  • Sounding chamber forces all water to be purged when the whistle is blown
  • The Storm whistle is twice as loud as any other mouth-blown whistle in the world
  • Survival bright yellow color, orange, or black
  • Creates a clear, high frequency sound, with a power rating over 75% greater than other referee and safety whistles
  • The Storm® All-Weather Safety Whistle is the loudest whistle in the world
  • It's perfect for divers, lifeguards, SAR, and for recreation
  • Creates a clear, high frequency whistle sound, with a power rating over 75% greater than other safety whistles or referee whistles
  • Dual chamber quickly purges for uninterrupted sound
  • High-impact thermoplastic
  • Even for someone who is short of breath. Responsive - Emits the loudest sound with minimum effort
  • Adopted by the US Military, police and security forces worldwide!

Be safe, be found. U.S. Military approved. The Storm Whistle is a must have for any emergency situation when you need to be heard.