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Fogkicker Scrub and Defog for New Mask

Fogkicker Scrub and Defog for New Mask

New England Dive



Fogkicker is not an ordinary mask defog. It is a biodegradable anti-fog solution that is effective. Based on the latest bio-technology using Nanocellulose, in an environmentally safe product that will not harm you, the underwater world or it's inhabitants.

This kit includes BOTH the cleaning product and the defogger product for a complete solution.

The effectiveness of the technology allows for a single application that can last multiple dives. The applicator has a unique angled soft tip (like a marking pen) that allows for even and simple application before your dives. A small quick "twist" of the base provides a small release of the liquid through the tip as needed. No rubbing and nothing on your fingers...the Fogkicker makes it easy!

  • Cleaning solution is applied first to prepare the surface
  • Single defog coating can last multiple dives
  • Coats on clear and dries in minutes
  • Perfect for masks, goggles and glasses
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