JBL Hydro Seal Aqua Plugs

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JBL Hydro Seals Vented Preformed Protective Earplugs Aqua Ear Plugs For Scuba and Free Diving.  JBL Hydro-Seals utilize an advanced multi-baffle polymer design providing exceptional protection against water entering the ear canal. 

Exclusive Hocks Noise Breaker allows normal sound waves to pass through while preventing pressure build-up from water intrusion, making them ideal for divers that have trouble clearing their ears at descending depths. Hydro Seal Aqua Plugs are doctor recommended and are preformed for left and right ear to give a custom fit.

Picking the right size:
Hydro Seals come available in three sizes: Small, Medium, and Large. Fitting is determined by the size of the user's conchal bowl (outer ear canal). Note that medium fits most people.

Key Features

  • Doctor recommended.
  • Hypoallergenic polymer
  • Only three sizes required to fit most ears: Small, Medium, and Large.
  • Preformed left (clear) and right (red) plugs for custom fit.
  • Dual baffle design locks into the inner ear. Keeping Hydro Seals in and water out of the ear canal.
  • Exclusive Hocks Noise Breaker allows user to pressure clear their ears
  • Users can hear normal sounds with Hydro Seals inserted in the ear.
  • Prevents infection and intrusion of water in the ear canal.