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JBL Travel Reaper Speargun

JBL Travel Reaper Speargun



 This 100cm rail gun breaks down into two pieces for easy travel and spearfishing around the globe.  In addition to its compact design, you’ll get all of the amazing perks of the Reaper series.  This includes the carbon infused polymer handle, .25″ stainless laser cut sear, aerospace aluminum barrel with integrated rail, and the hard hitting power of two 5/8″ Nitro Bands.  And in case you were wondering, they’re also made right here in Oceanside, California.

Reaper Series Features:

  • Break-down travel friendly design
  • Aircraft grade aluminum barrel with integrated rail for ultimate accuracy and minimal flex.
  • 5/16” two part heat treated stainless steel shaft with integrated Point and tuned flopper.  Threaded shafts are available separately.
  • Two 5/8 " Elite Nitro Bands with triple core Spectra wishbones
  • Integrated barrel float chamber – Speargun floats without spearshaft
  • Optional gun butt for easy loading
  • Integrated rail mount for accessories
  • Steel reinforced muzzle eyelet for reels
  • .25″ stainless steel sear and line release
  • Ambidextrous safety and line release
  • Open muzzle
  • Ergonomic handle
  • American Made
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