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Light and Motion SOLA Dive 800 S/F Combo (Includes: GoBe S 500 Spot)

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Take sola, the most reliable and tested dive light available and package it with GoBe, a compact and versatile torch to get the ultimate underwater primary/secondary light combo set. The Sola features an 800 lumen flood beam (60 degrees) that can alternate to a 500 lumen spot (12 degrees) to adjust for any dive condition. Multiple settings help conserve power providing a 70-280 minute run time that is easily identified by a colored LED indicator dashboard. Depth rated to 100 meters, the Sola comes standard with a hand strap to secure comfortably to a wrist - with or without gloves. The second part of the combo, GoBe isn't a weak backup but rather a powerful and versatile light whose compact size lends itself well to being clipped on a BCD. The perfect light for both day and night dives - yet also designed to be used above the surface as a standard flashlight for amazing versatility. Depth rated to 120 meters, the 500 Lumen GoBe provides a 90-720 minute run time and conveniently charges through a sealed external Interface with included USB cable. Both the Sola and GoBe lights are manufactured in Light & Motion's California facility and backed by a 2-Year guarantee through authorized sellers.
  • Dive combo kit includes Sola 800 S/F and GoBe S 500 spot lights
  • The ideal setup for a powerful hands-free primary and ultra-compact, versatile secondary light
  • Rechargeable, factory-sealed design for flood-free reliability
  • Regulated Lumen output and durability Certified to the FL-1 standard, depth rated to 100+ meters
  • Manufactured in California and backed by Light & Motion 2-Year enhanced experience guarantee