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TUSA M32 Imprex 3D Hyperdry

TUSA M32 Imprex 3D Hyperdry



3-window design with an enhanced panoramic view and peripheral vision. Hyperdry System for ease of mask clearing. Round-edge skirt for maximum comfort and fit. Low volume design for snug fit and easy clearing.

  • HYPERDRY PURGE - Clearing a mask has never been easier thanks to our patented Hyperdry System. Simply breathe out through your nose and any water that has accumulated in your mask is forced out through a one-way purge valve. Once the mask is clear the valve seals shut.<\li>
  • PANORAMIC VIEW - Panoramic View masks feature a variety of designs offering an incredibly wide field-of-view. Several designs incorporate minimum frame volumes domed side-windows reduced frame structures as well as three and four window styles for maximum vision.<\li>
  • ROUND EDGE SKIRT - TUSA's Round Edge Skirt features a proprietary round edge cross-sectionally shaped skirt. This rounded edge results in a soft fit that suppresses pressure and reduces creasing left on the face. The planar fit instead of linear fit silicone skirt maintains great fit and unprecedented comfort.<\li>
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