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Mares introduces its Extended Range (XR) Gear Line. Bridging the gap between recreational and technical diving. This soft back-plate accommodates a single cylinder, offering comfortable padding and holes for mounting accessories. Perfect for a single donut bladder. The XR Soft Back-Plate is made from 1200D bulletproof" ballistic nylon with a Polyphrene hydro-drainage comfort padding. 4 slots with 2 upper and 2 lower slots accommodate nylon cylinder bands to strap single cylinder directly to the plate. 5 double slide bars are specially positioned for optimized fitting of the harness webbing and the crotch strap. 2 centered holes at the top and 2 at the bottom offer a range of height adjustments for the buoyancy cells. 2 mid perimeter holes along either side and 4 holes along the bottom allow for mounting accessories and side-mount butt plate. 4 D-Rings complement the side holes. Mares XR logos embroidered to enhance the look of the plate. Highly technical pre-shape for unparalleled versatility. Ultra-rugged material - Pushed to limits through intense testing and total modularity: Fits all Mares harnesses and Donuts/wings.

Mares XR Soft Back-Plate Features

  • Mares XR Soft Back-Plate:
  • Mares Introduces the Extended Range
  • Bridging the Gap Between Recreational and Technical Diving
  • Made for Serious Divers
  • Construction:
    Tough 1200D Ballistic Nylon
    Polyphrene Hydro-Drainage Comfort Padding
  • Accommodates Single Cylinder, Offering Comfortable Padding
  • Perfect for Single Donut Bladder
  • 4 Slots w/2 Upper & 2 Lower, Accommodate Nylon Cylinder Bands
  • 5 Double Slide Bars: Positioned for Optimized Fitting of Harness & Crotch Strap Webbing
  • 2 Centered Holes at Top, 2 at Bottom Offer Range of Height Adjustments for BCD Cells
  • 2 Mid Perimeter Side& 4 Bottom Holes:
    Allow Mounting Accessories
    Side-Mount Butt Plate
  • 4 D-Rings Complement Side Holes
  • Mares Embroidered XR Logos, Enhance Back-Plate Look
  • Highly Technical Pre-Shape - Unparalleled Versatility
  • Pushed to Limits-Thru-Intense Testing
  • Total Modularity: Fits All Harnesses and All Donuts/Wings