AquaSketch Minno II Wrist

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The AquaSketch Minno is a scrolling slate with 5' of glow in the dark writing area so you can write a lot more than conventional slates. Tried and tested the AquaSketch is already being used by The US Navy SEALS and NASA from the tallest mountains to the deepest seas.

Scrolling Slate

The paper-like vellum is wrapped over two spindles so you can have pages and pages of dive profiles, messages or any information you need during the dive. The vellum itself is phosphorescent so it will glow in the dark after you shine your light over it.

You can change out your vellum for alternates from blank and gridded to dive site and fish ID vellums. Each Minno can hold up to 8 feet of Vellum.



  • 5 feet of blank vellum
  • Velcro Wrist Strap
  • Solid Graphite Pencil