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The Ocean Reef Aria Jr Full Face Snorkeling Mask is comfortable and reliable for the small snorkelers in your life. Specifically designed for kids and small faces, the full-face design eliminates the need for a separate snorkel tube. It's the perfect mask for snorkelers who don't like gripping a snorkel tube in their mouth, or those who want to breathe normally through the nose and mouth. No worrying about water with this mask. The soft silicone skirt is comfortable and leak-free. The dry-top snorkel keeps water out. The Ocean Reef Aria Jr Full Face Snorkeling Mask has been tested for CO2 safety. A carrying bag is included for storage and transport. Fabric straps are comfortable and adjustable for a perfect fit Full-face mask keeps face dry and allows normal breathing through nose and mouth Tested for CO2 safety Large field of vision to see everything under the sea Attached dry-top snorkel keeps water out Soft silicone skirt for comfort and leak-free use
  • Goodbye jaw discomfort, goodbye difficult breathing and goodbye water in your snorkel. For good. With ARIA you breathe through your nose, while the dry top prevents water from getting in the snorkel. Now your mouth is free to say: WOW!
  • ARIA has the largest field of vision of any mask out there. To that we added light colors for the brightest experience ever
  • Goodbye defoggers, hassles and lost opportunities to see the fish of a lifetime. ARIA’s breathing circulation inside the mask’s frame guarantees no fogging and no extra stress. Just take it out and jump in.
  • No more water getting in your snorkel, you don’t have to clear it if you go underwater, and no water gets in if there’s surf, splash or such. Just breathe comfortably and enjoy the ride.
  • ARIA’s also equipped with a dock for sport cameras – you can record and relive your experience any time you want. Just take it out and jump in.