Oceanic VEO 2.0 Wrist Computer

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Oceanic Veo 2.0 Powered by Oceanic's Exclusive Dual Algorithm - lets you choose the decompression algorithm basis that best suits your diving needs without compromising safety. 3 Operating Modes: NORM (Air and Nitrox), GAUGE (with run timer) and FREE (tracks calculations to allow switching between NORM and Free) 2 Operating Buttons allow "Step Forward" and "Fast Scroll" Interface for streamlined access and setting of personal options Air or single Nitrox mix to 50% O2 Audible Alarm with flashing LED light and User Acknowledgement Deep Stop with Countdown Timer Maybe turned on or off. 2 minute countdown at half your max depth, for dives greater than 80 ft / 25m SmartGlo Backlighting senses ambient light, enabling the backlight only in low light conditions, conserving battery life Single button access to "Last Dive" display (max depth & bottom time) Data Retention - maintains calculations indefinitely when the battery is changed 24 dive on-unit log book History Mode includes total number of dives, max depth, total dive hours, and lowest temp