Omersub Sporasub OMR-1 COMPUTER

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The OMR-1 is a rechargeable freediving and spearfishing wrist computer. The Dive mode activates automatically with water contact and resumes watch mode 30 seconds after exiting the water. During the dive, the display will show in real time: Instant depth, dive time and water temperature. Once on the surface, the OMR-1 indicates automatically the surface time. OMR-1 records up to 200 dives and it comes with two extra camo watch straps. Small and compact enough to be used as an everyday timepiece you'll wear it at the office and at play. 

The Omer Sub OMR-1 Freediving Wrist Computer has a backlight function for low light and night conditions. The computer can be used for morning wakeups with the daily alarm function, monitoring time when working out with the chronograph and countdown timer and keeping up with your busy schedule when traveling with the dual time mode. The watch function has hourly chimes, displays hours, minutes and seconds and can be set for a 12 or 24 hour format. The calendar displays month, date, day of the week and can be formatted for month/date or date/month. The auto calendar is from 2000 to 2099. 

When freediving the computer provides a depth alarm in both audio and visual form. The computer can be set for use in fresh or salt water, imperial or metric units of measure and has a memory mode that stores up to 199 dive records. The computer is powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery and comes complete with a USB recharging cable. The computer comes complete with a detailed owner's manual.