Scubapro USB Smart Infrared Device

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This handy accessory provides an infrared connectivity solution for PCs that are not equipped with built-in devices to allow you to transfer information from your SCUBAPRO or UWATEC computer using SmartTRAK/LogTRAK software.

  • The UWATEC USB Infrared Device enables data transfer between the following SCUBAPRO and UWATEC computers: Aladin One, Aladin Prime, Aladin TEC, Aladin TEC 2G, Aladin 2G, Aladin Sport, Aladin TEC 3G, Aladin TEC 3H.
  • Galileo Sol, Galileo Terra, Galileo Luna.
  • Smart Pro, Smart Com, Smart Tec, Smart Z.
  • Systems Compatibility:
  • Windows platforms (98, 2000, XP, VISTA, Windows 7). Drivers supplied with device.
  • Windows 8. Drivers can be downloaded from SCUBAPRO website.
  • MacOS X.
  • Notes on Windows 10:
  • The device is compatible with Windows 10, and the driver is automatically retrieved by Windows 10 when the device is used for the first time.
  • BUT. . .Windows 10 currently doesn't have IrDA stack enabled. You currently won't be able to communicate with your SCUBAPRO and UWATEC dive computer and a PC running on Windows 10.
  • Microsoft has released insider preview updates of Windows 10 with IrDA stack enabled. However, these updates are currently available for Microsoft Insider (testers) only.
  • Microsoft doesn't communicate on the availability of these latest updates for public use.