Sealife Sea Dragon 5000F Auto COB LED Photo-Video Light Head

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Sealife Sea Dragon 5000F Auto COB LED Photo-Video Light Head (Includes YS Mount 1in. Ball Joint Adapter Battery & Charger)

The SeaLife Sea Dragon 5000F Photo / Video Dive Light delivers 5000 lumens in an even 120-degree wide beam. The light offers an unmatched 96 CRI (color rendering index) with a proprietary COB LED array that replicates natural sunlight. The Flash Detect feature turns the light off for 1 second when a nearby flash fires, to helps minimize backscatter. Also delivers a TLCI (Television Lighting Consistency Index) value of over 97. Light can be manually adjusted to 100%, 75%, 50% or 25% brightness, plus the 180 lumen red "stealth" mode to avoid scaring off marine life. Guaranteed waterproof to 330 feet (100m).
  • More Powerful, But Easier to Handle: Size and weight of the new Sea Dragon 5000F have been minimized; the 5000 is the over 20% lighter, and smaller than its 4500 lumen predecessor. Part of the Sea Dragon's impressive performance is its powerful 50W Li-ion rechargeable battery pack, that runs the light for 50 minutes at full power.
  • SeaLife's Auto Modes: The Sea Dragon 5000F also offers impressive still image results and can be used as a primary source of light or in combination with a strobe. The 5000F features Auto Flash Detect mode, which cancels the light for one second when a strobe is fired.
  • Red LED "Stealth Mode": Two integrated 180-lumen red LEDs cast an 88° beam. At night or in caves or shadows, the red LEDs preserve your eyes natural low light function; allowing you to see gauges and your surroundings, at the same time the red LEDs do not frighten creatures like skittish reef fish that disappear from bright underwater LED lights.
  • Easily Expandable: The light head includes standard YS adapter, Flex-Connect YS Adapter and 1" ball joint adapter, for easy expansion with any YS, Flex-Connect or 1" ball joint system of arms, grips, trays and mounts.