Trident (2) Mouthpiece Kit with zip ties

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  • Mouthpiece and zip tie kit in a snap shut storage case
  • Two (2) silicone mouthpieces with bite tabs
  • Twenty five (25) zip ties
  • Snap shut plastic storage case
  • Perfect for divers who use rental equipment

The Trident Scuba Diver Mouthpiece Kit for Rental Equipment Users is just the ticket for divers who often use rental regulator and octopus equipment.

The kit includes two soft, flexible silicone mouthpieces with bite tabs (Trident item number RP95), 25 zip ties and a snap-shut storage case.

The mouthpieces easily attach to any standard reg or octo using one of the included zip ties. When it’s time to return your rental, just snip off the zip tie, clean the mouthpiece and store it for the next trip.