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XS Scuba Quick Release Snorkel Retainer

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About XS Scuba Quick-Release Snorkel Keeper

This XS Scuba's Snorkel Keeper come in a designed for round or oval shaped snorkel models. Whichever one you require XS Scuba's Snorkel Keepers are made from durable impact resistant plastic and can fit other brand snorkels as well. Quick release design allows placing mask in a protective mask box with minimum effort. Snorkel keepers make a great save-a-dive-kit item.


XS Scuba Quick-Release Snorkel Keeper Features

  • XS Scuba Quick-Release Snorkel Keeper:
  • 2 Models to Choose
  • Fits Round or Oval Snorkels
  • Works w/Other Brand Snorkels
  • Durable Impact Resistant Plastic
  • Allows Placing Mask In Protective Mask Box w/Minimum Effort
  • Great Save-a-Dive Kit Item