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Bare Dry Glove Set

Bare Dry Glove Set

The Dry Glove System by Bare/SI-TECH offers a complete system for affixing dry gloves to your dry suit. Add a dry glove set to your dry suit - a great option to keeping warm. These are the elements that make up the system. Dry Glove Set includes docking rings and gloves with separate thermal liners (Quick Clamp Set or Cuff Set SKU: BRE69398 not included). Quick Clamps, or, installed Cuff-Rings required to attach Dry Gloves to dry suit. Quick Clamps allow Dry Glove Set to be attached to existing latex wrist seals. Gloves are made from durable seamless PVC material with acrylic liners. Set is blue in color.
Bare Dry Glove Set, Blue Features

  • Bare Dry Glove Set:
  • Dry Glove System by Bare/SI-TECH
  • Complete System for Affixing Dry Gloves to Dry Suit
  • Great Option to Keeping Warm
  • Dry Glove Set Includes Docking Rings and Gloves
  • Separate Acrylic Thermal Liners
  • Note:Quick Clamp Set or Cuff Set SKU: BRE69398 not included
  • Gloves: Durable Seamless PVC Material
  • Color: Blue
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